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JG-Heads or Tails

RealFaction Author RealFaction

I made this for a...special someone :). I hope she enjoys it. Please don't judge too harshly, I know it's a bit repetitive and the vocals probably need work and the mixing and blah blah blah! I suck at mixing but i tried. Here's the lyrics.

Shaking these broken chains,
is harder than the pain,
i want to wipe these tears away,
but the blood keeps feeding this stain.
i fall to my knees,
begging please,
please don't hate me,
im only being true with my honesty.
i know im not good enough, but i only try,
don't you see that i would hate telling you lies?
I don't want to break you, i hate to chase you away
the clouds come back every time my sunshine is away

If sorry isn't enough,
then what is love?
i want to hold you tight,
you're slipping fast through my hands tonight
then i leave alone,
with these broken bones,
in memory it's the truest love i've ever known.
I dont want to give up, but what else can i do,
this piece of my life isn't complete without you

like liquid glass,
these tears encase my past,
cant i break them open?
i realize life's not so golden
but can't i make the most,
of holding you close?
I never want this story to end,
this chapter will make amends

i would give you my heart,
if i couldn't die,
i'd share a part of my soul,
and don't you dare ask why.
Because you know,
i dont want you to go,
so please tolerate my stupidity
i dont blame you if you want to get rid of me.

She says, "No, enough, you didn't bother me,
its not your fault it's mine you see,"
and once again love prevails,
I wont have to guess heads or tails.

Created by The New Age Soldier