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Death of Necromancer

RealFaction Author RealFaction

So you all know me for making "Simple Sight" a song in Castle Crashers. The Necromancer boss theme song. I am putting Simple Sight to rest, it's about time people checked out my new stuff. So this is how the Necromancer dies. I guess you could say it's a sequel, but I'm trying to express how i fell too so yep. Also originally simple sight wasn't specially composed, but if I made a theme song specifically for that, this is what I would've composed.



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First of all, this is a brilliant song and is a perfect way to end the necromancers reign. Second of all, UnholyBlade, are you trying to say the necromancer is a coward? I am offended sir.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think this song could definitely have been in Castle Crashers as Necromancer's second form theme, with Simple Sight being his first phase (zombie summoning) theme. Here's the feeling I get from the songs:

1st phase (Simple Sight): adrenaline courses through our heroes' veins as the Necromancer rouses dozens of enemies from their eternal slumber to give them a chance at their throat. As the knights use up the last of their strength trying to fend off unending swarms of enemies that just won't die again, they rarely even have a chance to glance at their enemy himself, mockingly floating just out of their reach and smiling to himself while he watches his reanimated troops wreak havoc. Alternating mighty blows with deadly spells, the knights don't get a moment of respite in this epic battle against those abominations who have been freed from the grip of Death itself and don't seem eager to return there.

2nd phase (Death of the Necromancer): this is it, time to strike this wretched desecrator down! The tide has turned, and things have gone haywire for The Necromancer himself. He has run out of magic and tricks, and now it's his turn to fight an uphill battle. Outnumbered and outmatched, the black knight viciously fights back nevertheless, summoning the last of his energy, but only unstable skeletons now rise at his command, and every second that passes, every blow he receives, brings him, closer and closer... to his inevitable death.


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OMG 10/10

That was awesome, It's sad to see the necromancer and his theme die but I suppose it's about time we all move on, at least his death was a great one. I honestly think this is just plain awesome, I'm not going to compare the too though, as far as I see it, simple sight was the necromancers life, and and death of necromancer, is his death....And good or evil, they are both hardcore.


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Yikes it`s a great music wich is... man who cares this is really great!
If this is his death than I`m proud of it!


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This is pro

I love this, dude. I kind of hate to put them in comparison but if you asked me I'd say it's just as good as Simple Sight if not, better.

Created by The New Age Soldier