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Insomnia (vocals)

RealFaction Author RealFaction


I sleep no more!

I've lost hope in a secret ambition,
because it's not going to change, it's all repetition.
A bended mind with a veil of lies,
I want this reality to die.
All I can do now is sit and wait,
until something changes in this fate.
I'll stand with my skills and little tricks,
that other dream is making me sick.
I wont confide in where there is no hope for,
so silly to wish for something more.
My eyes are rolling across and over,
in the back of my head, is this over?
Wide set, no rest, insanity written all over my face.

smash my head against the wall one more time,
i'll snap into the flashbacks, rewind.
accurate im not, this one time I miss the shot.
I'm so restless, this is useless.


And the pattern breaks against this will,
this night is only one to kill.
There's many more to count ahead,
when will I break free of this binding thread?!?
This disease has to dissolve,
to resolve or nothing at all!
I wish it could've been another way,
I guess this acid has to stay!

Just when I think everythings clear,
I slip in lies I hate to hear,
pierced the skin I lived in,
now I'm lost at this end.
You confuse me every time,
your words are wrapped around my mind,
I'm sick of these head games,
everythings the same, when you explain,
but now there's nothing else to say,
my hearts a wreck left to decay,
the distance howling your name

I sleep no more!

Wide eyes, no sleep, shadows still creep (x3)

Created by The New Age Soldier