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Miner Ballad (Minecraft)

RealFaction Author RealFaction

A parody of Minecraft, a special ballad for all those miners who can relate :


So there I was, looking out,
was a sunny day with blocky clouds,
it was time to go explore,
I thought "today maybe I'll find some iron ore".
I ventured to the caves,
for the rocks I shaved,
I got a pickaxe then I look over to my right,
saw this girl looking for a reply,
she said I had some nicely painted blocks,
she looked down at my pants and saw my socks.
That's how we met, then came one day,
we went on a date and something got in the way,
while we were at my home,
a griefer destroyed the dome,
I asked "why do ya gotta bother me?"
he said "this server has no insurance policy".

Me and my woman decided to get married,
build a house with iron ore after we moved IP's.
One day her belly grew half a block,
I knew then she was pregnent with my son: Freddy Todd.
When he went to preschool he got picked on by the boys oh yes he did,
he said "those meanies said I was a blocky kid"
I said "Son you still got time to grow I got another lesson for you,
everyone is blocky so this game is nothing new",
one day he graduated and went to Ender U,
I told him to be careful but I guess he already knew.
One day the admin came to me and my spouse,
he said the server was changing soon so I lost my house,
and once again I start over on some other place,
my wife never logged on again cuz her files were erased.

-shows a guy at his desk on his computer- I'm so alone....



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Created by The New Age Soldier