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To the Ropes!

RealFaction Author RealFaction

A tribute to pirates and a friend of mine. Just me messing around more with the new strings in my program.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sounds a lot like... Edirol Orchestral...

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about this specific piece. It sounds pirate-ish, but it's not really memorable. It's mostly harmonic (with exception of the final part, which sounds a bit odd; 1:32-1:46), but it lacks captivating melodies. The different parts sound nice on their own, but feel a bit too random on the whole. I think a lack of structure is the main evildoer here. Always try to have some global idea of what the piece is going to sound like to avoid problems such as these.

Mixing-wise, it sounds good enough, although the samples sound 'really' artificial (mainly due to the library, but also due to midi editing). It would've also been nice if you mixed the string sections up with some brass, woodwinds, or melodic percussion.

All in all, a decent piece, but there is room for improvement. Good luck!

Created by The New Age Soldier