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Kermit Gangster Rap

RealFaction Author RealFaction

Title: Educational Gangster. This is a parody of Kermit the Frog, I like doing his voice so i thought i'd make a parody song. Here's the lyrics:

Last name the frog, first name kermit,
it's a tough neighborhood but I am not a hermit.
Sesame Street never saw it comin',
rollin' down the block and all the kids start runnin'.
tell em not to worry have no weapons in my pouch,
you'd see more of a threat from Oscar the Grouch.
Educating people is what I do best,
I'll take you to school son and to Big Bird's nest,
if you freestyle with me, there's no way you'll win,
you don't wanna mess with this amphibian.
I'm as green as the grass, so I stand my ground,
but nobody can cut me, cause I run this town.
Harry can have Miss Piggy as a last resort,
cause I don't wanna have kids with hogwarts.

Oh snap son, was my vocabulary too good?
Mr. Rogers can't even touch my neighborhood,
cause I got good rep in the swamp and the street,
This program's brought to by the letter D for Dead Meat.
Barney the dinosaur is ancient history,
his old bones don't hold against Sesame Street.
I've been on talk shows, then I party late at night,
cause only the big dogs roll that's right.

Created by The New Age Soldier