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Rain (Rock Mix)

RealFaction Composer RealFaction (BFP)-Rain- Sampled (BFP)-Rain-

So I decided to make a rock version of Back-From-Purgatory's "Rain" since i thought it was pretty and only a minute long...shame. I worked hard on this and took a few days to record the vocals. The lyrics are dedicated to my friend, who is like family to me, and is going through a lot right now. Stay strong.

Verse 1

Time has left us hoping for a
sign of progress, wanting more,
ways to reach the places we can't go,
or maybe it's that we think we know,
how far the catalyst is from us,
breaking when we've had enough,
we all have those cloudy days,
walking through the pouring rain.
All we want is change,
when what we see we think is strange,
and restless through the starry nights,
looking at the shining lights.


When you see the rain, the twilight still remains,
but it's never the same, when you're numb to the pain,
so we'll start over again, I'll walk with you till the end,
of the long roads that we lead, we're human as long as we bleed.

Verse 2

Looking out the window glass,
looking at the blurry past,
history repeats itself,
we feel like we've been placed on shelves,
forgotten like a broken place,
but we still have that expressive face,
showing the little left in us,
showing what we're capable of,
I can still pull you out of the shade,
cause I'm never gonna let you fade.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think your voice has some potential. for the most part you have good pitch. You don't sing sharp and you don't sing flat (congrats that makes you better than a lot of pop singers). Your voice sounds pleasant however I think there are just a few parts where It sounds a little off. also I can here clipping throughout out the song. but over all it sounds very good. keep up the good work.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

the composition was nice. i wasn't a fan of the lyrics only because its just not my style, but it takes guts to put your voice on things. and to that you did a great job. the progression of the song is well done.

Created by The New Age Soldier