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Your Symphony

RealFaction Author RealFaction Your Symphony (instrumental) Sampled Your Symphony (instrumental)
AUTHOR COMMENTS this is the lyrical version of a love song I wrote for Back-From-Purgatory who i've known for quite some time now. I won't lie, I'm scared right now even uploading this because I've never opened my heart like this to someone before....i might hide a while, but i put a month's worth of work into this.

Yes...I love BFP very much, who has inspired a lot of my music and I appreciate them for what they do. They've been here for me and because of them I am doing well in life thanks to their advice. Well...enjoy, this is the most emotional song i've ever written and I teared up a lot writing it. Check out the instrumental version. here's the lyrics:


The keys of every melody, all of the notes that you play,
sometimes leaves me without words to say, I fade away.
so many times I'd fall astray,
you painted my heart with vivid shades,
i fell through fall
yet through it all,
eventually I came to see,
what you mean to me.

You're like the fire tearing at my sky,
burning off the veil of lies,
showing me the meaning of a love and understanding,
of a world, which i once didn't know.

The spectrum in your eyes,
leaves me in surprise,
i smile every time,
when the notes open wide,
my heart inside,
open up my mind.
Now I'm looking through your shell,
You're so rich in what you tell.

It seems so dark, but we won't fall apart,
everything is coming down, but I'll make sure I stick around.
When i think I see the sky falling around me,
you show me how it's a delusional sea of empty,
It's all falling into place,
I can't see you but I see your face,
I'm your sympony,
you played my strings and made me who I am.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Enchanting song, sir! I can understand how one could come become emotionally overwhelmed when faced with lyrics like those: that is true poetry, brimming with depth.

I was on the verge of one of those musical tingles (or 'frisson', if you want to sound fancy) on the verse starting "The spectrum in your eyes..."

The way you sing in that verse and the vocal layering sounds quite reminiscent of Phil Collins. That is a very good thing.

I think the problem of background noise and such (probably more noticeable on the last verse) has already been addressed. Other than that...can't deny that this has lots of feeling, and I'm sure Back-From-Purgatory must have been very touched.

Keep it up, Real!

5 / 5


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing song RF the instrumental really gives off a lot of feeling put into it, lyrics are great. One of your better songs and I'm glad you wrote it. Deserves every star :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved the chord progressions and the piano accompaniment. The arrangement is quite fantastic I must say. But I felt that the vocal parts kinda of ruined the work, I think it is due to the processing of the part. Otherwise, I enjoyed it :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a really excellent and well written song Real. :) I enjoyed listening to it.
One criticism though, as it kind of bugged me while listening to it. I'm not sure what you did to mix your voice, but I'm going to guess you normalized it? The points where I'd expect your vocals to get louder they seemed to get quieter instead.
Otherwise, excellent song!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

What a coincidence! I just fanned both of you guys last week. What did she say?

Created by The New Age Soldier