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Black Feathers (demo)

RealFaction Author RealFaction

Thanks for front page. Check out another one of my songs from the upcoming album:

First song with the vocals recorded with my new Blue Yeti Pro microphone :) tell me if the volume of the vocals need work or not. This is a song from my upcoming album due sometime in the next couple of months or so.


verse 1

I've seen you fall from such a height,
that time you had no hope for flight.
Caving in to the shadow's depth,
and you kept walking inside death.
The winds were not your friend,
you gave up and met an end,
but I saw no peace in you,
when we met, then I knew


You had a light inside,
trapped by the tide,
I saw your cage without a key,
your heart was filled so empty.
I showed you all you are, you're never alone,
Flying with your feathers just to find a way home,

Verse 2
Reaching for a way to mold,
a better life that isn't cold.
Can you feel my embrace,
can't you see my tattered face?
The ropes keep pulling down,
until we elevate the ground.
Seeking helping hands to guide you,
asking yourself, "what have I come to?"

Created by The New Age Soldier