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Newborn (Slipknot Tribute)

RealFaction Author RealFaction

This doubles as a tribute to the sound of Slipknot, one of my first main influences when I started music in 2006 (one of my favorite bands) and it's also about someone who changed from a saint of a friend, to a two faced liar, someone who impacted my music greatly for years, then they changed and became a two-faced liar.

This isn't the final version, you'll have to buy the album early December for that coming out, so if you can tell me what changes to make, any feedback appreciated. Mainly my concern is the volume of the vocals. Lyrics below. Enjoy!

Verse 1

Scarred and torn,
you were reborn,
from a saint to a lie,
I reached out,
you pushed me down,
and watched me as I died.
You were my motivation,
then became my suffocation,
you once made me an honest man,
now I don't think you understand!


See the fatal flaws,
of what you love after all,
you starve for attention,
did I forget to mention?


I shot it straight,
but I didn't aim for your head,
you pointed the gun at me,
shot a blank, and said,
something to make me think
you came back to yourself,
but there's no going back,
you're a newborn in your hell!

Verse 2

I'm used up, depleted,
the truth I've sought receeded,
you don't know what you needed,
I'm sick of how I'm treated.
The gate is closed,
my heart guarded with bars,
looking at where I used to be,
oh how it fell so far.


The doors close again!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Can't say what changes to make as I listened to this on my iPod and it sounded pretty sweet. Really lovin your new shit, bro.

Who's the liar?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice work mang

Created by The New Age Soldier