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Holding High

RobSoundtrack Author RobSoundtrack

Hey! Realfaction and I cut this together and hope you dig it!!
Realfacton dropped the vocals on this earlier this year and it took me a minute to get the track up, thanks for waiting dude!
It was awesome working with him all around; if you ever need a super cool guy to work songs with you, hit this guy up!!
Also want to namedrop my buddy Ryan McCombs who came by my place and was riffing around with me on this one!
Lyrics by Realfaction:
Verse 1
We've been waiting for a chance to break,
down these walls that always take,
away our faith, the fear we face,
and so some fade without a trace,
Don't destroy yourself,
don't control your face,
release the chains,
and lift the weight!
Again, I found a way,
to make a better day,
where the sun is holding high,
life's tough, so enjoy the ride.
Verse 2
(the world is upside down, you're inside vertigo,
you can cross the stream, or go with the flow)
Many reasons,
(our trust is broken)
many legions,
(stole my tokens)
but the world needs opposing forces,
to rid the world of these dark horses.
To break the cycle, to break the chain,
to break what happens again!
We all need to hold high!
Rob will lead us out, with his massive skills on the guitar!
Massive skill!
Born to kill!
And my hair's on fire, so I guess I'll be bald.

Created by The New Age Soldier