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From the Shadows





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This is by far the most challenging song I've ever had to make. 3 weeks it took me to make this crazy awesome song I am very proud of.

If you want me to make you a song like this, I can make 60+ genres including subgenres, so headover to my site and check out my prices if you want one:



Rated 5 / 5 stars ::

Well done!!!! I am actually looking for music to use for a animated webseriesim making and I feel your music especially this song! Would be awesome with it! Please contact me asap if interested my friend.


Rated 5 / 5 stars ::

Epic and very inspiring, will listen to that the next time I have to wrote or transalte some fantasy stuff. No wonder you are proud of it!

Minor, very very minor part I don't like that much: The flute sounds in the beginning. But nonetheless great, 5 stars :: and added right into the fav list.


Rated 5 / 5 stars ::

I must admit I was slightly sceptical during the first seconds of the song (reminds me of lugias theme song btw), but as soon as it started getting serious (around 0:25), I realized how awesome it is. Astounding work with this track. The mixing is nice, the melodies are awesome, but most of all, the rhythm and intrumentation are splendid! Also, I love how there are so many different parts to this track, and different emotions that are displayed. Some parts remind me of boss battles from different games.
As for feedback, I feel as though the intro is a bit weak compared to most of the song. What I mean is, the flute sounds somewhat unrealistic (although not so much as my intruments), and the melody could be slightly improved upon, I think. From where the harp enters the picture, everything is nice though. However, keep in mind that this is only my poinion :)
Not much else to say really.
Loved it, favorited it, and amazing job; you should indeed be proud ;)

Created by The New Age Soldier