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Summer in the Yard (Remix)

RealFaction Production RealFaction Summer in the Yard Original Version Summer in the Yard

Original version:

I started on this months ago but didn't finish. I've been of Kel-chan for quite some time, and then we became good friends. For a while, I didn't even notice she made music, but earlier this year when she told me about it, I was stunned. I love her music, and well everything she does really. :)

She used to play guitar a lot (really well from what I'm hearing), shame she hasn't been able to lately. This is such a beautiful piece, so I decided to play with the EQ, add drums, bass, and saxophone. Enjoy! I had a lot of fun with this.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm not the biggest jazz fan, but this tune is very realxing and the theme fits - when I close my eyes I can almost smell mown lawn and the taste of Ice-tea on the porch...

-0,5 stars 'cause it is basically a rearrangement of Kel-chans original song. But it's a good one, maybe you should consider to do these a bit more often - at least from time to time, if Kel-chan won't mind.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice! The nylon guitar is a pleasant, welcome contrast behind a more contemporary arrangement. The guitar solo is very nice btw, some very tasty moody licks, some nice chops but nothing sound forced. The line flowed really smoothly, meshes well with the chord progression, and is well varied in articulation and dynamics. The groove is decent, the mixing is nice, clear, and not overcompressed. The bass and auxiliary drums are audible while not being intrusive. The sax line between guitar sections is a nice melody too, although the sound itself just a feels a tad artificial and out of place in context of the rest of the instrumentation. Perhaps the drums could use a little more variation in the latter half of the song; such as incorporating in different typse of cymbal hits. Overall a very catchy piece that I've looped through a few times and I haven't felt any need at all to stop or fast forward through parts.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice tune

I like this track, allthough this could use abit more too it, for the mostpart I thoght it was pretty good but could use that one extra touch if you know what I mean, so you could look into some things with this one. This is still Disputably one of the best I have heard today. You have a very pleasent and nice tune here, it was abit "JAZZY" And thats the feel I got from this one, A very enjoyable piece here so nice work. And so you have it a good piece of tune here from the portal with a nice sound, it could have some extras but thats for later, So while I dont have the best words or perfect ones this was still one of the Finest of the day in the portal, so keep up that style.

So while this was pretty decent of an audio track here and somewhat unique, there are some things that could make this better so I will try and suggest some options and new ideas. you have to always try new things and so thats why ill do my best at suggesting some new ideas and tips. Wouldnt mind some build up and get it to where it can be with more of that pleasent feel in a faster tone.


Created by The New Age Soldier