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Talking Real - 2017 Forecast (S2E1)

RealFaction Author RealFaction

New season, new year. I talk about what's in store for the coming months like Pixel Day, NGADM, reflect a bit on my latest post about the last year, and talk about my friend's troubling situation. As always, I did the music in the podcast (some you haven't heard yet).


0:00 - Holikrep's Situation:

0:53 - Lampabot:

1:11 - 2016 in Review Post:

1:23 - Beating Depression Episode 3:

1:45 - Where I've Been/Sick/New Job

2:40 - Venturescape's Voice Actors/Progress

4:09 - New Music Styles I'm Experimenting With/Kid Project/Video Game Soundtrack

5:05 - State of My Music/Focusing on Upcoming Newgrounds Events (Pixel Day/NGADM/TUC/AIM)

6:24: Reflecting on My Career/Life on Newgrounds/Thank You All + Tom Fulp

9:17 - Reflecting on Pico Day/Cards Against Humanity with Jonas and His Sexy Voice + Humor

10:26 - Unaware of My Reputation

11:07 - ScepterDPinoy is Awesome

11:39 - Closing Statement



Rated 5 / 5 stars

So much appreciation with this one, for people, the community; everything!! :D Great way to start the New Year! Though man that's a pretty late recording time... or... early, depending on if the day's just starting or ending. :) Anyway, great podcast. Easy to listen to, and packed with positivity.


Created by The New Age Soldier