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Better Than The Book - Make Your Mark [Instrumental]

Jabun Author Jabun Better Than The Book - Make Your Mark Original Version Better Than The Book - Make Your Mark

Better Than The Book - Make Your Mark [Instrumental]
Track 06 from Two Years On [Instrumentals]

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Better Than The Book - Two Years On [Instrumentals]

01 Ignition [Instrumental]
02 Homecoming [Instrumental]
03 Hearts Racing [Instrumental]
04 Undead Education [Instrumental]
05 Cathode Ray Days [Instrumental]
06 Make Your Mark [Instrumental]
07 Wireless Networks Available [Instrumental]
08 Re: HipHopPunk [Instrumental]
09 Head Above Water [Instrumental]
10 The Bigger Picture [Instrumental]
11 Confessions [Instrumental]

Better Than The Book - Two Years On [Instrumentals] is a bonus album to celebrate a fantastic year since the release of the debut full-length album "Two Years On". Thanks so much for all the support this past year and for giving me so many amazing firsts: interviews, radio play, music videos, and more! Let's make the years to come an even bigger success.

Two Years On [Instrumentals] features off-vocal versions of the songs from Two Years On, with the exception of "Channel Surfing" which without vocals would pretty much just be silence, static and a short clip of "Woof Woof, Nag Nag". I hope you enjoy this little bonus, and while you listen, I'll be getting started on the next album (coming 2018)! Thanks so much again and see you all for some more BTTB soon!

released February 6, 2017

All track were written, performed and produced by Nick Standing [Jabun]. Additional writing and vocals on the original versions of “Re: HipHopPunk” and “Head Above Water” were provided by Bob Axell [Cyberdevil]. All samples used are either property of Nick Standing, royalty free, or are in the public domain (as appropriate). Artwork was drawn by Nick Standing [Jabun].

For full credits, special thanks and more, please see the individual track credits, and the full "Two Years On" album credits here:

Created by The New Age Soldier