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Terrestrial Massacre

Slintas Author Slintas

A song about corruption, purity, fear, depression, beauty, and the will to fight the grand puppetmaster who has enslaved us all with her seducing mind. Even though the song touches on some dark themes, the message I wanted to get across is positive. Fight for your right to live a happy life, whatever that may be for you. We all deserve that.
Lyrics/singing by: me
Art by: Hans-Peter Fischer
"Erika" by: Herms Niel
Faster than the speed of light
In a universe of awesome might
Dreamers who hold nothing dear
Fools who have nothing to fear!

Destruction of our inner self
Feasting on our soul
United we stand alone
Playing out this fucking role!

Heavy burden masks we wear
Clinging to our face
Pissing on the graves of old
This is us, the human race!

Looking up into the night
Dreaming what could be
Parasites without a spine
The time has come to fight...!

(On the heath there grows a little flower
And its name is Erika.
A hundred thousand litte bees
Swarm around Erika.)

Rise up!

Take back what is yours
Stop being afraid
What are you waiting for..



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Has a really good beat, is really catchy, and the only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because the voice is a little edgy sometimes, lmao

Created by The New Age Soldier