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Grossbeat Tutorial (see comments)

HarraH Author HarraH

This was a lot easier to make than it seems.

How to do it in FL Studio:

Step 1. Make drum beat of medium complexity, then repeat it for like 1-2 minutes or however long you want to Automate it live.

Step 2. Apply whatever FX you want over the drums then add the FX called 'grossbeat', making sure it's last on the list if you want it to glitch over all the FX.

Step 3. Click the RECORDING button and select 'notes and automation', then press play. While it is playing, have the 'grossbeat' fx panel open and switch between the presets as the song progresses.

It will create a cool drum glitch progression like in this song.

I did this then I edited the drums a bit to fit with the melody I added, the melody is also filtered through the channel with the 'grossbeat' fx.

(BTW I'm using Fl Studio 12, so you might need that version to have 'grossbeat' or to download 'grossbeat' seperately)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really nice tip ! I knew this VST for ages, but didn't even think to use it like this !
Thanks ! ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really glitchy and cool, the piano adds a nice layer behind it too. Nice work!

Created by The New Age Soldier