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-mao- 'Super Go 100' prod by CzySzy

MickeyMao Lyrics MickeyMao

I heard this beat, and was instantly inspired to write. Thank you CzySzy! Unfortunately my old familiar mixing platform is dead, so this was my first serious (and probably final) attempt with Audacity.


I go 100 in a metric world
I fist fuck a clam, so I can snatch that pearl
The way I spit, I make a straight edge curve
You can taste the burn, when I make it purr
I’m a naked nerd, playing a game for geeks
I wait my turn, but based on the stats, I’m out of my league
I’m a weedle in these weeds, trying to be a caterpie
It’s anarchy, Ash is mad at me, damn, it’s insanity
It doesn’t change, the metapod metaphor won’t exist
Wrapped in a mental cocoon, it’s my metamorphosis
This fortress is temporary, a step to carry me away
I’m focused on my happy place, it’s very fung shei
Hey, would you kindly fuck off now.
Vacate the premises, this is my compound
This is how the boss sounds, when he wants peace
so put your thoughts down, please don’t speak
Let this moth sleep.

I was a venonat , so sporadic, oh, there’s a fly trap
Smack, flat to floor, that’s that for this rap.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

My name is unpronouncable for non-Polish speakers. xD The vocals are kinda cool. Thanks for using this beat.

Created by The New Age Soldier