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Talk about the stuff on Newgrounds, chit-chat with other fans, or whatever!
Where is / How to / Help!
Questions / comments / suggestions about the content on and features of Newgrounds.
Clubs & Crews
Want to start a club or crew with people who share a similar interest with you?
Video Games
Discuss cool games, such as Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers!
Got an opinion on politics? Express it here.
Discuss techniques and methods with fellow animators! Post links to WIPS on for feedback.
Demo your art for critique, or ask and discuss art related questions!
Gathering place for NG's audio artists. Discuss recording programs and techniques.
Voice Acting
Share voice demos, discuss equipment, pitch projects or just talk shop!
Share your latest scripts, stories, poems and other bits of your literary art here!
Work with 3 or more other artists, musicians, voice actors, writers and programmers to make something amazing!
Game Development
Discuss all aspects of game development. Tools, languages, game design, the works! Formerly the Flash forum. All other devs now welcome!
Talk about non-game related Programming/Scripting here!
NG News
Read up on Newgrounds News, past and present, and post responses!
P-bot's Postings
Fun messages and daily top lists from the Portal bot!
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