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A hippopotamus singing about noodles on his back. Oodles of noodles!
Behold the carnage as lemmings die in horrible ways!
A chicken finds a rather large egg. What's inside?
I wish you to enjoy this movie.
It's Indiana Jones... but smaller and with less imperative quests.
Psycho Bunny takes on his Nightmares!
A cartoon about Nathaniel, the mildly retarded albino dwarf rabbit turning 26.
Nathaniel gets in shape for the summer while the Possum has a nervous breakdown.
The long awaited sequel! Will the cat make it to his GF's B-Day?
A cow tries to avoid being abducted by aliens!
Two cows contemplate the possibility of getting mad cow disease.
Shenanigans in a barnyard.
Squirrel will fight for his love, and some animals will fight for some piece of him.
The beginning of everything. With a Turtle.
Follow the adventures of Cocket, a super hero to his fellow fish!
Here is why fish shouldn't watch the Super Bowl.
An abused hamster turns Super-Saiyan on his owner.
A view of a worm's worst day, and you know that can be pretty damn bad.
Check out this strange endangered animal trying to survive throughout the day!
A young shephard, loads of sheep and so many weapons... What could possibly go wrong?
Extremely cute cartoon about a sheep and an apple tree.
Observe this twisted ritual caught by National Geographic... With a surprise ending!
Dorky cartoon, but it cracks us up. That's all that counts, right?
Dan and I always chuckle over this one, so we thought we would share.
Zito searches for the best toothpick.
Do you like exploding animals? I only wish there were more!
A hand-drawn film about facing yourself.
A brief insight into the alternative therapy that is sweeping rural England.
Three animals with different world views try and co-exist. Profanity and violence ensues!
Don't eat those matmi mushrooms!
The 3rd episode of "There She Is!!" series.
The last episode of "There She Is!!" series.
The 4th episode of the "There She Is!!" series.
Hypo anthro violence from a world where RPG cliches are real!
PandaDog and friends can't find peace from DungDung's molestation.
Created by The New Age Soldier