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A very in-depth tutorial on how to draw anime figures.
Learn how to draw an anime head!
A basic tutorial on how to draw manga.
Trace the history of Japanese Anime thru its greatest pioneer, Hiro Shitaku.
Learn the ways of drawing anime, the Moosh'd way!!
Scoot's Anime Tutorials: FACE.
A brief minute of an intense encounter with a stray fly.
Hypo anthro violence from a world where RPG cliches are real!
Ultra fun anime Flash yaaay!
Suicide is not always simple!
A cute little story, starring Joanime. I hope it makes you smile!
A girl battles a vile demon.
You've had crack, but have you had MAGIC CRACK?
Pepper tells Drink her troubles!
Watch out for Girls Gone COO COO!!
Vengeance - The battle with a crane with blade fans who took away her virgin past...
An action-packed series about a nameless mercenary who hoplessly defies fate.
Dealing with Yugi's obsession with duels.
This is a tale about classic revenge and beating everything that puts in your way to achieve it.
Three students work together to save their school in an FF parody.
Mythological series has been dropped by Granfaloon, you must see!
Part 1 of the epilogue to the Love Hina series!
An unfinished music video featuring that dude with the stretchy arms!
Inuyasha pays Kagome a visit on Halloween!
From the makers of DBZ in a Nutshell comes this short summary of Tenchi Muyo!
A classic tribute to the best of old school anime.
The Story of Cub: The Go-Man!
Watch as the hit manga comes to life in this first thrilling episode!
The story of Ozora Tsubasa, who dreams of playing soccer in Brazil.
Conversation between the author and a friend...
Cute girls annoy Lovecraft in this 2-minute anime.
Create your very own mobile suit from the famous Anime Gundam: 0079!
VirulentShuriken's "Killer Kazuki". It looks serious, but it's not!
A PARODY of Rurouni Kenshin featuring the greatest conflict in history: Kenshin VS Enishi!
Two kids travel to Japan for a school assignment, and run into crazy adventures on the way.
A girl's village is raided, her parents killed. She escapes with her brother.
The Takamori Legend
A samurai completes his final task.
A couple of anime short flashes I threw together
Rei goes insane!
First flash submission to the kazahana collaboration project.
Great Animator Onizuka has come to teach all the overrated artist of Newgrounds a lesson!
As Great Teacher Onizuka, you must teach your stupid class to pass their final exams.
A 4-minute preview sequence from an upcoming animated series, "Fallen Angel"
Created by The New Age Soldier