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Stop K-Fed in his tracks before he can bring more harm to this world!
The big bear has gone mad with distemper. Pico is called in to bring him down!
Do you want annoying celebrities to go away? So does Dustball.
Chris Crocker pleads for your understanding... in a blender!
Kong smashes up the celebrity of your choice, or upload your own pic for him to smash!
Beat on Miz Cleo as she tries to predict your future! I bet this wasn't in the cards!
Grandma Kicks the Wurizon guy in the nads...
Kill the super annoying Justin Beaver with bottles and more!
Kill the CrazyFrog in a variety of ways!
Kill the person who blammed your NG submission.
Taxes stressing you out? Feel better by smacking around this virtual accountant.
One of the coolest Assassin missions ever! Tons of way to beat the piss out of her!
This NSYNC asshole pinned a fan against the wall and verbally abused her, because she didn't think he was the cutest.
Sick of the Verison wireless guy? Several fun ways to stop hearing him!
Choose your political enemies (Saddam included) and do battle with them!
The moment you've been waiting for, brutally kill an emo kid while he whines.
He's ten times crazier than Saddam, and in need of an ass-kicking!
He sued fast food chains for making him fat! Blow this lamer away!
Everyone's favorite trash-talking racist baseball player. Beat him to a pulp!
Here's a clue... Don't run towards a loaded gun!
An interactive GAP commercial... Just what I always wanted! Very satisfying.
Dying La Muerta Loca! This one's from Evildave, you know it's sick!
Today you get to be judge, jury and executioner! Have fun!
Gun down the Gungan's in this shooting frenzy!
Play as Rihanna as you take revenge against Chris Brown in this celebrity boxing game.
Did he think he could wax nostalgic over the days of segregation, without drawing some fire?
Choose your weapon and watch Christina get hers!
Whipe that smug grin off his billionaire face!
Trash the Rock before he spurts out one more tired old catch phrase. Electrifing my ass!
Watch Arnie dance, then switch to sniper mode and take him out from a distance!
Blast those damn Brady's down!
Hey yoooou guys! Fans of Sloth TV will love this early appearance.
We decided not to put him in the musicians section, since his music sucks that bad.
The former New Kid has gone solo, so it looks like you're on a solo mission to kill him!
Woah! Looks like you don't know kung-fu after all!
This one is just plain sick. Get ready for Sisqo's Gulpdown!
The final episode was ultra-lame, ending the best series on a down-note. Kill him!
Created by The New Age Soldier