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Synj vs. Randy Solem! This ROCKS!
The NG deathmatch continues!
Foamy the squirrel and Beebo the cat do battle!
A clay movie, with toothpaste related violence!
Uh oh, clay guys with sheets over their heads.
Happy Days!
Knox and Freemont team up for some crazy Clay antics!
Bill Cosby claymation! First episode: "Pudding."
Some kids have fun with knives! yay!
A kid finds a new invisible one that is.
Will they resolve their problems, and settle the situation like men, or end up killing eac
This starts off as a lame skateboarding movie, but it picks up from there.
Sometimes you can't escape from your nightmares, they become reality.
Eight fun clay movies, all in one box!
The guys still dancing!
A ton of clay movies all packed together in one flash!
Omg... clay starts moving by itself!
Santa tries his hardest to wrap a gift, but just can't seem to manage! Great claymation!
A drunken pirate picks a fight!
A stupid dog takes a leak on the wrong person!
Some guy finds a jet pack laying around and decides to try it on!
There is a monster on the lose!
One character tries to shoot an apple off his buddy's head with a bow and arrow!
It must be some darn good tea in order to start a brawl!
"Peoplemation" from Dustball and gel!
Another exciting "peoplemation" from Dustball and gel!
A fun claymation for kids, from Dustball and Gel!
Jack wants to prove that Tim's "friend" doesn't exist!
Two claymen are being chased by a ghost! Or, are they?
The two claymen are finally going to kill that ghost! Hopefully, anyway.
Two claymen mess around with a magic remote!
Madness comes into a claymation remake!
Griffen and Mikey are going to break a world record! But what record can they break?
Griffin and Luke play a game of hide n seek! But things turn into horror when Miles plays!
Bob and Steve are stuck below the table! How will they get back up?
The building of a full clay person!
A collaberation of clay and hand drawn animations celebrating a year of "Become."
A bully messes with the wrong trick-or-treater!
A clay ninja encounters another ninja on his table, so obviously they battle it out!
Random clay goodness set to music!
The first half of Ogre Alan's big fight with an evil snowogre!
The conclusion of Ogre Alan's fight with the evil snowogre.
6 magical papertricks, done with stop motion photography!
More Halloween fun with clay!
A clay animation about animal rights!
Yellow finds a sheet of bubble wrap, cameos ensue.
The unexpected happens as a man waits for the bus!
Carl discovers the effects on the human brain with H.C.E. How will this effect him?
Created by The New Age Soldier