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A puzzle game about ducks.
A Platformer in stop motion
The King's cats wont stop until they have their meal. Good luck they are a good team.
Blind blade hardcore game
dodge and punch ice cream succubi kisses
A dark twist on tetris.
You are a ninja, dealing with some pants issues.
Strike them down in this super-charged top-down puzzle shooter!
Control three slimes at the same time.
Dynamic action with Cat King
Education for children through a game about fruits and vegetables.
Solve puzzles and slay your enemies!
3 developers and 14 days. Will they finish their game in time?
Collect ancient Shards to unlock your full power
Mini rpg adventure with bullet hell battles - Made for c3jam
A very short story of 3 friends
Clean up some pesky bunnies with the power of your mouse!
Expand your color across the board in this C3Jam puzzle game!
Survive among bullets... or die trying.
Swap between three dimensions of color in this puzzle platformer
High tech simulation of underwater salad making - C3Jam
It's spring cleaning and the Tri family found out their old dusted family tree...
Wanted: Bagel Stacker
An open world stealth action sandbox game.
Chop some wood, ride a cow and collect falling eggs.
Three lanes punching bars puzzle
A bittersweet love triangle
Three players Mega-Mecha Co-op
First Game ever Made
A Constuct 3 GameJam game - Set in space
Suffer from great loss, Kael becomes the Invoker
Made for Construct 3 Jam!
You have been trapped, try to survive.
A Stealth Game Assassin's
TRIGLOID: A WTF sliding puzzle game revisited for "Good Things Come in Threes" Game Jam.
Mixed-pace action game requiring some strategical thinking.
Space battles with large ships and astroids.
The game about the brave astrobean whose life hangs in the balance.
A challenge for your patience. This game was created for Jam C3.
Three brave heroes fight off all evils in this C3Jam game!
You are three sibilings trying to get to a ghost
"Go into the forest with your friends! Slay a god! Have fun!"
A fun puzzle game for the C3Jam!
Kill the enemies with your 3 heroes ( C3Jam )
Ex-military Dolphin Cola with Dolphin Jessy must safe little boy from the battlefield.
Commander! Defend your base, be strong.
A 3-player stomp-em-up! Full credits in description.
Turn the board and touch the pads
You control three spaceships at a time. if only one dies, everybody dies Try not to die!
Space Rutiny is a space family simulator.
Created by The New Age Soldier