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生波 Biowaves.3.7.
You are an intergalactic facial surgeon. Take care of your patients!
endless/2d/action/pixel-art platformer with platforms that changes every screen banding.
A Short, Chaotic, Music game!!
Blasty Beach Bastard
Because, you know, f*ck you fish, or whatever.
Tiny Ship (Minik Gemicik)
A local multiplayer game for two players. Created at GGJ EGE 2017. Requires numpad.
Let's Splash (GGJ 2017)
Splash! Created during GGJ 2017
The People's Radio
Take down the propaganda in an oppressed city!
Navigate the woods in the perspective of a bat
Bat Shark
Platforming Adventure, GGJ2017
Noe: the survivor
Game made for Global Game Jam 2017!
Super WaveFormer
Platfomer with experimental wave-flip-gravity mechanics
Spider Webs
Spider is the new medical technology against phobias
Vibrating World
Experimental game made for GGJ2017
Created by The New Age Soldier