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Minimalist Psychedelic Meditative Action
endless/2d/action/pixel-art platformer with platforms that changes every screen banding.
Blasty Beach Bastard
Because, you know, f*ck you fish, or whatever.
A Short, Chaotic, Music game!!
The People's Radio
Take down the propaganda in an oppressed city!
Let's Splash (GGJ 2017)
Splash! Created during GGJ 2017
Navigate the woods in the perspective of a bat
Tiny Ship (Minik Gemicik)
A local multiplayer game for two players. Created at GGJ EGE 2017. Requires numpad.
Bat Shark
Platforming Adventure, GGJ2017
Noe: the survivor
Game made for Global Game Jam 2017!
Super WaveFormer
Platfomer with experimental wave-flip-gravity mechanics
Spider Webs
Spider is the new medical technology against phobias
Vibrating World
Experimental game made for GGJ2017
Created by The New Age Soldier