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An action packed twin stick shooter about a virus fighting the munchies. Made for LD38 jam
Build and Protect your Small World!
Interview an adventuring party to learn who is secretly a monster!
What does the cat want??
Rooms define you.
Small world, moving walls
story of two kids trying to crash a party
Mini city builder/simulation on a small planet for the Ludum Dare 38 Compo.
You've been logged into a virtual reality. Find the cube and get out.
A game about trying to make a game
Capture Altars and survive to the End of the world !
Big Joe grow crop for a living. Luckily one fruit is enough for him to survive the winter.
The smallest worlds are the ones we get stuck in. One-Time experience
Space Platformer - Ludum Dare 38 [Solo | Jam]
Space platformer on the quest to find space-pitas!
Borders do not stop Syrians! (LD38 Compo)
A Ludum Dare 38 Game where you manage a colony of Termites under assault
Traverse the locking path and disengage the outer cortex. Connect both ends of the prism.
Strategy/Action game, defend your planet from evil aliens using the power of cooperation
Space Exploration & Turn Based Micro-Planetary Warfare!
Simple Puzzle game about rotating and flipping bugs to make them fit on a grid.
Bacteria are invading! It's your job to stop them!
Small spanish videogame about a boy called Paco, who gets into his desktop.
Retro clusterfuck of explosions and mech references made for the ludumdare 38.
My Ludum Dare entry, Theme: A Small World
Ludum Dare 38: Survive by shooting the targets on Wilt Dinsey's "'Tis a small world" ride.
Hiperloko Mode it's a local 2 players fighting game
A min graphic pathfinding game with a sci-fi horror feel made for Ludum Dare 38 Compo
Your world has started crumbling around you and monsters are out to eat you!
We are counting on you.
Spawn on a randomly generated island and then change it!
Destroy the Invaders while staying alive in this Ludum Dare 38 Challenge
BE alive Now
Made in Under 72 Hours for Ludum Dare 38. Fly a planet, get bigger
Ludum Dare 38 Jam entry
The aliens have finally arrived!
It's a small world, inside a tomato (Ludum Dare Game)
A Tiny Place made for Ludum Dare 38
Interesting point n click game
Created by The New Age Soldier