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Made for Ludum Dare 39 Game Jam
A short dungeon crawler with a laser gun that can only be used when plugged to a socket.
A rhythm-shooter hybrid! Beat enemies to the beat!
Destroy, crush, annihilate... repeat! (LD39 Compo)
bullet hell with a unique absorb mechanic
Extreme wild hunting featuring an enraged Berzerker !
Game made in 72 hours during the Ludum Dare 39. Theme: Running out of Power.
A nogame about missing people.
That’s what everyone thinks. But you might find otherwise.. if you pick the right move.
3 girls have a slumber party when they're attacked by fairies. (Ludum Dare 39)
A short story about running out of Power Incorporated.
Get to the finish without running out of power.
Wizard lost in dark woods. How long can you survive the endless waves of evil wraiths?
After a long journey to harvest the best hazelnuts in the world, you are finally back home
1v1 political game made for Ludum Dare 39
Your significant other has been kidnapped by aliens!
Read through someone's old texts before the battery dies forever
A shoot em up where you have to kill... teddy bears ?
THIRST, a Ludum Dare 39 game where you search your way back on a dry beach that drains you
Ludum Dare 39 Entry
Step out of the light
A game about a superhero who’s losing his powers. Play and discover the real reason.
Icarus is a small rocket that wants to explore the sky.
Pickup batteries and accumulate power
Two batteries are mating, the other will run out of power
Relax while floating adrift in space.
"Alone in the night" is about a young boy who needs to survive the night with light.
Push crates or whatever.
Entry for LD39
When squirrels refuse to work
Created by The New Age Soldier