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Will anyones save these poor rabbits lost in the forest?
Spontaneous Combusting Fox Platformer
Short story driven side scroller, about a small fox named Pajuu.
A platformer where every room discovered has to fit on the screen.
an adventurous snake game with a twist
Action platformer with monochrome graphics.
Ludum Dare 40
One room more.
Take as much as you can carry!
Kick intruders out of your party
Chat with your friends and achieve the goals of your life!
will you sacrifice your mobility for power?
Protect yourself from your rival idol's fans by punching them harder!
A short game for LDJAM40
Tape up boxes. Stomp 'em. Don't get squashed!
Machines don't belong in this bounce house.
Game for Ludum Dare #40 (read full description)
Shoot and steal or steal and shoot, choice is yours!
You get lost in the woods, get hungry and eat some delicious mushrooms
You can steal, but can you run away with it?
#madewithUnity 3D game - LudumDare #40 Game Jam submission!
A game made for Ludum Dare 40
3-color platformer game made in 48 hours for LD jam 40
Create your Empire! Trade! Expand! Protect!
Live the life of a lunar cargo ship pilot
Arcade Catch The fruit
Go on a cozy winterwalk to meet your friend
This game was made for the Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam!
LD 40 Entry - A really difficult maze ;)
How powerful can you became? Game made for Ludum Dare 40
Ludum Dare #40 Entry
Don't let any ball fall!
You, Hordes of Robots. Unlimited Mines. Ultimate Destruction!
An Internet Comment Experience
Guide your unguideable horde! Make sure they live... (LD40 submission)
You can never get too many Moonies!
Ludum Dare 40
Diving Game made for Ludum Dare 40
Collect Coins and Make it out Alive!
Game made for the Ludum Dare 40
Fight off a vegetable menace as a farmer boy in gunslinging action! Made for LDJAM40.
Part-boxing game,Part-bullethell, A quick post apocalyptic game for Ludum Dare 40 Compo
Test your skill to collect Relics from the Buried Temple!
Ludum Dare 40 entry
Ludum Dare 40
the more you have, the worse it is
A game about taking care of a number of ever incresing cats
Kill all the virusses!
LD40 submission, dot runs through a maze
Created by The New Age Soldier