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Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube.
An unofficial skin creator for Minecraft!
An animated series that combines Minecraft and anime
Ross checks out Minecraft.
An awesome 2D Minecraft, with most of Minecrafts features! Updated frequently.
Get Wood? Get Diamond!
[ML] means Multi-Language
Follow one of Minecraft's most fascinating creatures as he journeys to find a mate.
Part 5 of the Minecraft series is finally here!
"Have you ever played a game so much that you thought it was real?"
Cooper the Creeper is on his daily stroll... when he finds something terrifying
Will Lance's imagination keep him ALIVE?
So...Which one do you think would triumph?
The heroes finally make it into the city. Are they truly safe though?
The Mob Squad is concerned about Cameron's infatuation with the enemy.
The n00bs move forward through the narrow caverns hoping to reach the surface!
Gaylord waits for the heroes to arrive...
A little story about the chickens origins.
How can our heroes defeat an immortal admin?
The 3 n00bs hunker down for the night. But will they survive?
The Epic Minecraft Quest
Our heroes chase Gaylord into the Nether Realm!
A chicken's life in Minecraft.
Being tall can lead to a lot of difficulties...
This is what it's like starting a Minecraft server.
Will the n00bs survive against the Enderman?
Part 1 of the N00b Adventures Series!
The Mob Squad attacks Steve head on.
2 unlikely heroes venture forth on their Quest.
Cooper must fight for his life and order breakfast
The Hacker Assassin makes his move!
N00bly is stalked by an invisible Gaylord while ghostly events happen below!
Minecraft but on drugs
Minecraft has alot of griefers and this is one hell of a grief, you better believe it dawg.
The Final Episode in The Noob Adventures Series!
The n00bs venture through a jungle! What lies within it?
What will the n00bs find in the stronghold?
The race is on as Steve and Ceckard try to outpace the scheming Warhawks!
There's some trouble with The Village People!
A day in the life of a Creeper.
Upon examining their loot, our heroes find more than they expected...
Will the n00bs protect the NPC village in time?
The gang comes up with a way to deal with Pikmin
A trip with cows
An Enderman's ritual to gain his powers
Our Heroes stumble across a Witch's Hut!
The battle with the mighty Enderdragon commences!
Our heroes Epic Quest takes a turn for the worse… Secrets, Kidnapping and Death!
Two Creepers greet a new neighbor!
Created by The New Age Soldier