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Mr. Man in a samurai tale!
The Takamori Legend
A samurai completes his final task.
Two ninjas battle in this Shamoozal epic!
Blood will be spilled at recess...
The not-so-epic tale of the common household Ninja!
A week in the life of a ninja. Genuinely funny stuff, you gotta watch!
A ninja makes a sandwich on a rainy afternoon...
Happy Day of the Ninja!
He's a ninja and he gives massages!
A hilarious story about ninjas living in the city!
Crazy comedy from ThreeBrain, the guys who made Weeeeeee!
Squirrels in their free time. And nuts. Includes ninja antics.
Ryo takes on an army of unruly ninjas!
Ryo the ninja KID is back and kicking butt in your town!
A scientist samples Ryo's blood, but for what purpose? The ultimate weapon?
Ryo takes on a powerful foe amidst a busy highway! Insanely slick cinematics!
A ninja is at a rambonctious state of mind.
Breathtaking tribute to Ninja Gaiden and ninjas in general.
Two thugs learn you don't mess with someone following the Deadly Path of the Jamurai.
Continuing the Adventures of the Little Jamurai!
A samurai sets out to avenge his fathers death!
Ninja action you can't miss!
A fight against a stranger wearing a mask.
Slick frame-by-frame samurai action!
Samurai film with an interesting twist!
The first part of an animation battle between Talon and Salocin.
Leek fights Bluebeet!
A set of tips to assist survival in the event of a ninja attack
Animals dancing in the forest are attached by ninjas.
A film about how ninjas will F*** YOU UP.
Watch a ninja run around and kill people. Violent.
Slash your way through your enemies, rescue the helpless ladies
The son of a legendary warrior, you must achieve vengeance.
Raphael faces Slash in the third episode of this dark take on TMNT!
Ingus is back, this time with a meditating ninja!
A ninja runs through a variety of weird stuff. Set to music by Hexstatic!
Mario isn't just stomping Koopas anymore! Now he's got a new mission - as a Ninja!
A clay ninja encounters another ninja on his table, so obviously they battle it out!
Atmospheric short about Samurai.
Samurai Supplement Vitamin will give you Instant Samurai-ness!
One lazy guy with no life, one ninja dog, one weird combination
Ninjaman, the best 2D action platformer for your ninja-slicing entertainment!
Mysterious guy takes a walk in the forbidden hour. Bloody sword swinging ensues.
Nam Pham and his sidekick Buddha attempt to find new friends.
A sketch animation telling the story of two fighters.
Trever takes on the Creator of Time!
The gang heads out to obtain their licenses.
A battle between two diffrent skilled ninjas.
Kung-Fu, 80s Cartoons and Strangeness... with your choice of potato!
Created by The New Age Soldier