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Embark on a salty voyage upon the sea of Songstowearpantsto with a boat of Lawlolawl.
Tarboy is about fighting robots, explosions and more fighting robots.
Build a meaty killing machine!
The story of a lonely robot who resides in a junkyard.
The lone robot returns for more downtown defending!
A music video I made for my own music
The story of several NG users, as told in a Wall-E sorta way...
Bob's having a bad day at the office.
O the trials of vending machines...
Robots take over the world in this music video by Kepple for the song by Lemon Demon!
A Christmas musical performed by Dustball's robot friends!
Robots are jerks! Pixel art mixed with jaggy pseudo-3D and some squiggliness. Unique!
Watch this robot kick some ass... and vice versa! I love it!
Introducing Proto, destroyer of worlds! I love the voices!
Sometimes a robot just wants to be loved.
This was my flash animation made for Sohu's online game entitled Swords.
A little robot tries to live outside his mundane life
A mechanical tripod needs something from a hovering hermit!
What happens in a world where man's creations are more advanced than mankind itself?
An expiramental Animation using multiple mediums.
A girl meets a robot on the way to school.... Set to music by the White Stripes!
Can robots be conscious of their lack of something humans take for granted?
A Robot Story.
A movie about being dependent and the search for freedom.
Forgetting can hurt, and in more than one way because Obsolete objects do not always stay.
A story of a robot who goes into a rampage after a minor failure. This is ca-razy!
Robot complains about not feeling feelings.
An altered remake of the classic movie "The Snowman."
A robot with easy access to its emotions. And a butterfly.
Robots need love too.
Knox takes on robots in this claymation film!
Meet Man-Bot in "Stomach Crunch." He looks like a robot, but he's just like you!
A robot is walking in the forest, when ! ...SUSPENSE
The robot that thought it was human.
Blast your way through space!
PT falls in love, will his irresistable romantic advances be enough to win her heart?
A very cool movie and a slick one on one fighting game to top it off!
This is a story about a robot, a robot on a journey...
A probe sent to earth becomes self aware on his journy, and now searchs for a friend.
Fourchinnigan's tribute to Robot Frank!
A story of friendship and robots.
Build your own robot from alot of wacky parts!
A mad professior is building an android to distroy the earth, but there's one problem...
A strange music video to 'sober' by Muse. Featuring death robots.
The seasons have lost balance and four powerful cyborgs are developed to control them.
Robot K15 wakes up in a strange place...
In the future, robots go on robotic rampages.
A movie about a robot and a box of junk. Weee!
A short song about robots and how they are helping humanity.
A crazy robot becomes self aware and kicks lots of butt.
Created by The New Age Soldier