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Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube.
The Second Coming of The Chosen One.
A lush-fully animated fight between an armored guy and a stick lady.
GraFight V! Continued after a several years!
What happens when stick figures meet league of legends!
The final episode of the Animator vs. Animation trilogy.
Enjoy the sheer power and comedy of the drunken style kung-fu!
A collaboration between five of the greatest stick animators on the net!
Stickfigures killing each other as always.
Stick people blow up, kamikaze watermelons, the zeeky bomb, and more!
Even the worlds greatest thief has rent to pay.
Soup. swords, sex and a swishy beard. What more could you want?
The stick figure is back, and now he's got laser eyes!
God of War 2's theme completely translated to the finest detail. ( In a funny way! )
Yoyo encounters his first and greatest opponent!
Ghostfight BOS part 1
It's a struggle between a stick figure and his creator, using items on the Flash toolbar!
Classic stick fight: orange versus pink, hand-to-hand versus ninjutsu.
What happens when your previous animations get mad at you?
A revamp of an old movie with extra content.
Some crazy gunblazing stick action.
Stickmen do battle again!
Epic 20 hit combo with FALCON PUNCH
3 Targets. 1 Eventide. 1 Hitman.
Welcome to the factory.
Just a short fight.
Will the stickfigure get the treasure? Follow him in this parody of Indiana Jones.
Sticks and stuff
Battlepark! Stick violence inspired by Ringfinger's awesome Battlefield series.
An intense stick animation full of over-the-top special finishers!
The dream of a young gamer... or is it?
Over-the-top and stylish special finishers!
Sticks battle it out on a multi-platformed arena!
Sticks, blowing eachother to pieces as usual!
An animtion tries to destroy the inside of a computer.
The third episode of Stick Dude Killing Arena!!!
Stylish dancing stick men! Very cool!
Watch as the last spartan left of the 300 takes on the rest of the Persian Army!
The carnage continues with SDKA 4.1; stick mayhem at its best!
Two brothers, two paths, one war.
Nothing is to be feared. It is only to be understood.
Another Stickfight!
A stickman fights to survive in a spinning room!
Stick figures crossed with DBZ, the Matrix, and other cool stuff equals this great battle!
A man enters a bunker and clears it out! Castle III teaser included!
Are they fighting or dancing? Try both!
Stick figures trapped in a deadly game of classic Donkey Kong.
One stickwoman vs Many stickmen... Oh with swords.
Lots of stick dudes killing each other, just how you like it!
Frame by frame stick animation!
Created by The New Age Soldier