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A doomed love's history on maldita fe de bogota.
A parody of the movie Twilight, with emphasis on its many plot holes.
Vamp Hunter Ina fights a new foe!
This vampire hunter doesn't take any crap!
Two vampires battle it out to get the Sword of Dracula!
This series keeps getting better and better!
Hellboy stop a werewolf from feasting on a hooker. We need a werewolf collection.
A vampire trying to become the head of all vampires.
And I thought my adolescence was rough!
There's plenty of blood and gore in this well animated Halloween treat!
Dracula tries to get some soul food from the pizza delivery boy!
Dust vamps in the ultimate Buffy Flash game!
Promising new series with some sweet fight-scene animation!
James, the vampire hosts his own cooking show. This time with a St Patrick's Day contest.
A creepy Dracula hunter movie, just perfect for the holidays!
Very stylish, with great pseudo-3D effects!
Created by The New Age Soldier