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Reclaim a city from the zombie hordes while managing supplies, housing and morale.
Scavenge, shoot and survive through Union City in this sprawling zombie action RPG
Survive the massive outbreak in Evans City as two soldiers fighting to live.
Take under control another city full of evil creatures.
Shoot zombies, buy weapons, develop skills, assemble your broken car and get out of here!
It's time to infect people & dominate the world once again!
Escape the quarantined city through a highway filled with zombies, carnage and chaos!
Rebuild a city devestated by the zombie apocalypse in this turn based strategy game.
Play as a Zombie in this second chapter of the Sonny RPG series! Abuse humans.
The third installment of The Sagittarian, can you help keep our heroes alive?
The undead are back and the crew's gotta escape!
It is time to infect people, turn them into zombies, and Dominate the World!
It was meant to be over. Turns out it was far from it.
The endless rampage continues! Re-kill zombies, do missions, and upgrade weapons!
Infect people, turn them into zombies, and destroy the world in 60 seconds!
Infect people, turn Santa into a zombie, and ruin Christmas Holiday!
Can you make the right choices to survive undead apocalypse?
The soviet AI is back! [Update]
Randomly generated platformer, find and rescue your daughter from a zombie infested city!
Upgrade your car and drive through hordes of zombies to reach your destination - alive
Make your last stand against the zombie hordes.
Play as Rocco the hot dog vendor and slain zombies and More Zombies!
Defeat the zombies while managing multiple resources in this hybrid RTS game.
Smash the Zombies' base before they smash yours!
You are a Zombie, and the world hates you. Fight for your life in this epic new RPG!
An action defense game where you fight against waves of the undead.
One man. Zombie armies. Kick their asses!!!
Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Prove it.
The zombocalypse has just begun. Survival is futile.
Experiment on zombies with weapons, food and objects as a scientist survivor.
Those crazy zombies and all their hording!
Tequila Zombies are back!
Kill 1000's of zombies in this fast paced blood soaked run 'n gun shooter!
Survive the ongoing onslaught of enemies attacking you and your base!
A fully voice acted Zombie Survival adventure. Will you survive?
Lead your men in a fight for survival against the undead.
More guns, more zombies, more maps and 4 player co-op!
Smoke these zombies before they smoke you!
10 Weapons, 90+ Upgrades and your skill to take out the Zombie and the new Beast!
Can you survive a zombie apocylypse? Prove it.
Gain skills and experience as you fight to survive in a city filled with walking dead.
Floating down the river has never been more dangerous.
The zombie outbreak has reached London...
Survive the zombie outbreak once again! This is a prequel/sequel to Days 2 Die.
Use five different weapons to make your way through 20 waves of enemies.
Pestilence Z is a zombie survival turn-based RPG with hours of gameplay and content.
Shoot your way through 13 levels of hardcore zombie action.
Do you have what it takes to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Find out through this quiz!
Tactical hexagon zombie story-driven game.
This game really captures the creepiness of fending off hordes of zombies!
Created by The New Age Soldier