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Comick's Profile
Age / Gender: 31, Female
Location: San Francisco, CA
Joined: 9/6/06

Two new flashes in the works. Hope people like them...if not, that's okay. You cant please everyone


Hey everyone just a note that I'm running a Holiday Sale on my webstore, use code SANTA to get 15% off your entire order! Check it out, offer ends on Jan 1st. 

The newest issue of In The Dark #3 is now available online too! As well as some new art pieces and painted animation cells! :) 


OH and some pretty cool news!! My sister got to meet Guillermo Del Toro and actually gave him a copy of IN THE DARK and he liked it! Seriously amazing honor to know my favorite movie director has my comic book, I was so stoked! :D 

1729533_151289280331_deltoro_small_by_comickpro-dbw9wzc.jpg  1729533_151289280231_deltoro_small2_by_comickpro-dbw9x25.jpg



Skitzo-Wooly Woods
A lost Skitzo cartoon from 1924!
Birthday Wishes from Sin - VA Richard Garner
Happy Birthday from Sin the Demon!
Skitzo-Circus Sillies
A lost Skitzo cartoon from 1922!
Skitzo-Fisherman Follies
A lost Skitzo cartoon from 1921!
S.A.H.U. vs Funkotron
S.A.H.U the robot meets a new threat!
Skitzo-The Buddy System
Skitzo visits the subway system!
Sheep Collab!
In the lunar new year, Newgrounds counts sheep!
In The Dark Iss 3 Trailer
In The Dark Issue 3 Trailer!
Turtle Crosses The Street
A turtle crosses the street....
Skitzo-The Giving Season
A lost Skitzo toon from 1924!
Skitzo-Birds of a Feather
A lost Skitzo short from 1921!
Sonic Shorts: Volume 8
I'll make you eat those words!
Skitzo-Too Hot to Handle
A Lost Skitzo Short from 1925!
Skitzo-"Spare a Dime?"
A Skitzo short from 1923
Skitzo-"Puppy Love"
A lost Skitzo short from 1918!
Skitzo the Bear-RUN!
Skitzo The 1920's Killer Bear is loose! RUN! RUN!!
Skitzo the 1920s Bear
Skitzo the 1920's killer bear
Sonic Shorts: Volume 6
Get me the butter!
Dance Party Collab-party1
Come join Party1 for the FRESH BEATS
Coming Soon...
TBA -Heroes vs Villains
Two robots battle between what makes a hero or villain
The Disney Collab
All of your favorite disney character unite for one big orgy!
Knuckles Briefs
Our favorite echidna decides to make his own shorts!
In The Dark- Abortion
A taste of what lives in the dark...
Pico Gets Blammed
A Pico cartoon done to pantomime music.
Sonic Shorts: Volume 5
Eggman's latest ultimate weapon!
Dark Halloween
Things come out on Halloween....
Chibi Eyes
A young pup hears some bad news....
In the Dark-Teaser
A taste of what's to come...
Sonic Shorts: Volume 3
Eggman just got fatter!
Sonic Shorts: Volume 2
More adventures of the blue coloured anthropomorphic mammal with abnormal speed!
Sonic Switch Part 1
Sonic has an "out of body" experience....
Sonic & Shadow Th Collab
The sonic & Shadow collab is out!! Check it out!
Trash and Clash ep 1
A dark comedy featuring a chicken and a duck.
Trash and Clash (teaser)
A teaser for a cartoon about a chicken and a duck
Skitzo Eats a Hot Dog- STICKER! by Comick
Ness and Pokey by Comick
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skitzo pixel by Comick
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Pumpkin carving 2016 by Comick
Fibble and the Ice Cream Monster by Comick
Skitzo Vs Cuphead by Comick
Skitzo -Fortune Cookie by Comick
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Fibble and Sin- Couch Demon by Comick
Demon Doodle- Hissssss by Comick
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Graphite Hell Doodles 2 by Comick
Graphite Hell Doodles by Comick
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Pestilance and Vermin by Comick
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Where are all the Dinosaurs? by Comick
Created by The New Age Soldier