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k7vin's Profile
Age / Gender: n/a, Male
Location: Chicago
Joined: 9/20/13

I am a goof, doot do dee doo!


So, I've got a lot of upcoming projects in the works, and I might not be updating here for a little while.  Just a heads up!

Bowser's Big Day
Bowser is finally getting married OR IS HE??
Glass Joe's Title Fight - ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO by Starbomb Collab - Starbomb
Glass Joe is truely the champion! - AN FAN MADE MUSIC VIDEO created by fans, for fans.
Tub's Stub
A kid's journey to chop off his leg to fit in
Night Owl
An Owl Goes for a Drive
Bodies are weird and they do weird things
Monster Prank
A little undertale animation for Animonthly
That was a Close One
A guy gets really lucky in a fight
Chicken Pajamas
A girl puts her pajamas on
Stop Your Hiding
A visual representation on internal struggles with depression and creativity.
Another Please
Just a little dance
The Hunger Bubble
People keep messing with Kirby
Puppet Noir
A girl has a problem, and the cash to handle it
Twilight Princess: BAD WOLF
After Midna frees him, Link has other plans
A parade. Of Frogs!
Gator Ride
From Uncle Iain Episode 2!
Dragon Ball re-animate shot 98
The shot I animated for the Seven re-animate project
Wind Waker: Origins
These are the events leading up to the game
The Gentry Presents: The
An exercise in Patience
Donut and Flo need some time off.
Captain Toad
Captain toad is tired of being pushed around.
Destro, "Head Blown" Offi
A girl blows up heads to fill their hearts with love
Majora's Maske
Tatl give's link a tour of Clocktown
What a Spooky Mystery Dat
A box has a mental meltdown because he doesn't know what day it is.
A moth falls in love with a candle
Spuper Smarsh Jym
It's that time of year again...
The Master(bater)
A man is killed due to internet pornography
Luigi Kart
Luigi has gone off the deep end
McBungle: Evilsabelle
Isabelle is Crazy
MvBungle: Trees
Mayor Flo Encounters her own problems
McBungle: Mayor FLo
Donut seeks consultation from Mayor Flo
burd and girl
McBungle: ReTail
The Animal crossing town of McBungle
Sky whales by k7vin
Geo Mountains by k7vin
Pika Pi by k7vin
Pool Party RoadHog by k7vin
Chef Junkrat by k7vin
Face by k7vin
Afternoon Commute by k7vin
Biker and his Cat by k7vin
Tally ho! by k7vin
Fox McCloud by k7vin
Solaire on the Mountain by k7vin
Rosalina speed doodle by k7vin
Misty Walk Cycle by k7vin
Midna Floating gif by k7vin
OOWL by k7vin
SHARK PUNK by k7vin
Roadie and his pop star by k7vin
Background practice! by k7vin
Maximum saturation by k7vin
Fuck Mountain by k7vin
Mountain by k7vin
EnvironmentDoodle2 by k7vin
EnvironmentDoodle1 by k7vin
Green Blanket by k7vin
the Tower of Fate by k7vin
Propeller Ship by k7vin
Space Dandy by k7vin
Isabelle by k7vin
Created by The New Age Soldier