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Krinkels's Profile
Age / Gender: 36, Male
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Joined: 12/18/99

Matt "Krinkels" Jolly


Sup pals. I've been a busy guy lately, somehow.  Despite getting hooked on PUBG for a bit there I've been chewing along with Project Nexus 2 with The-Swain as usual.  It's weird to think that we're finally going to be done with this massive project in 2018, and I can't think you guys enough for sticking with us through the process, we're really excited to see it come together, and we're really grateful for the opportunity.

Here's one of the maps we're lining up for an Arena update when we get the time for it.  Story mode is the major focus so a handful of these maps are standing by to fill out the experience when we reach that full 1.0

Also, you guys seem to ask about animation a lot, and I don't blame you.  MC11 is in progress, but it remains a side project, and while I have been working on it for entirely too long, it's seeing some size to it.  I think the problem is that I kind of lost my way there for a while. But here.  Here's mc11.  Stop asking me where it is, because it's right there. I'm really glad to be 6k frames into this beast.  Romp.fla didn't really stretch me out for animation the way I wanted, but here I am, going...  

Techno Song
An exciting journey through someone else's time and and space.
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Mike finally confronts Nick ....
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Short - Piss
This movie is Piss.
Short - Vomit
This movie is vomit.
Short - Garbage
This movie is Garbage.
Short - Crap
This movie is Crap.
Madness Consternation
Madness Combat 7: Consternation
Tricky Madness 2
Tricky Madness 2
Madness Antipathy
Madness Combat 6: Antipathy
Music Video 2
Sean made a pretty bitchin' track, so I made a cartoon to match it!
Project I.V.
My first Frame by Frame toon!
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Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis.
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Four months in the making-
A keen movie with a keen soundtrack.
The Return of Breadman
This is the most embarassing thing I have ever done.
The death of breadman
A project done away with.
Cancer causing bread piles!
HankJumpColored.jpg by Krinkels
sanfordsketch.jpg by Krinkels
deimos_06.jpg by Krinkels
hank_05.jpg by Krinkels
HiveRedesigned.jpg by Krinkels
Dayjob.jpg by Krinkels
Ghoul Redesigned by Krinkels
projIV.jpg by Krinkels
TrickyEverything.jpg by Krinkels
SanfordInfected.jpg by Krinkels
TrickyHank.Jpg by Krinkels
torture.jpg by Krinkels
deimos.jpg by Krinkels
sanford.jpg by Krinkels
jebus.jpg by Krinkels
hank.jpg by Krinkels
Deimos.jpg by Krinkels
Hankypoo.jpg by Krinkels
Commission: einhajar12 by Krinkels
Splash Screen by Krinkels
Splash Screen by Krinkels
Splash Screen by Krinkels
Thrillher single artwork by Krinkels
Berserk by Krinkels
Deimos by Krinkels
Sanford - For Deimos by Krinkels
Sanford - Come at me, bro(s) by Krinkels
Unarmored 3 by Krinkels
Unarmored 2 by Krinkels
Unarmored 1 by Krinkels
Shadgirl by Krinkels
Lucee Starr 2 by Krinkels
Commission: Rih by Krinkels
Battle Ready James by Krinkels
Cammy by Krinkels
Litchi Faye Ling by Krinkels
Battle Ready Jessie by Krinkels
Killbot_2 by Krinkels
Toaster? by Krinkels
Tricky by Krinkels
Killbot by Krinkels
Ask Jeebs by Krinkels
I.V. 9 by Krinkels
I.V. 5 by Krinkels
I.V. 1 by Krinkels
I.V. 4 by Krinkels
I.V. 7 by Krinkels
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