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Michael-T-Scott's Profile
Age / Gender: 39, Male
Location: Denver, CO
Joined: 11/14/06

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Influenced by SCTV, Late 80's/early 90's Saturday Night Live & Letterman, Muppets, Beatles, and cereal. This is the result.


In the Denver area? Not in the Denver area? It doesn't matter. Dig this:

Spending another Friday night sorting your loose change? Put your dreams of fortune and glory on hold and come on down to The Denver Nickel + Dime Animation Extravaganza

Bearver C. Rogers hosts Denver’s very own animation festival featuring 30 animated shorts from around the globe! Places you’ve possibly heard of like Germany, Israel, Spain, New York, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Los Angeles, Ireland, France, and Colorado Springs!

Making appearances to rap with Bearver are animation directors Bill Plympton, Debra Solomon, Ross Bollinger, Sabrina Cotugno, Graham Annable, Jake Armstrong, Joy + Noelle, Eoin Duffy, Yotam Perel, Kent Welling, Nacho Rodriguez, Brandon & Lisa Ray, and Tammy Chang.

Proceeds benefit Safehouse Denver.

If you can find something better to do let us know! We’d like to come along.


Michael Scott Demo 2
Voice Demo Voice
Michael Scott Demo 1
Voice Demo Voice
Ass Washers
Comedy Voice
Will Rescue for Food
Comedy Voice
Old Man of the Future!
Age and technology don't mix.
Business As Usual
A board meeting that could actually be happening right now.
Indictment Burger
Next window to file your lawsuit...
The King's Birthday
What do you get for the King that has everything?
Gregory Goat: Angry M.D. #2
Another promo for the doctor with no patience for his patients.
Talkin' Sh!t
It's pretty much all in the title.
Gregory Goat: Angry M.D. #1
A doctor who has no patience for his patients.
Gritty's Family Buffet & Strip Bar
A restaurant with something for everyone in the family.
Brush Your Teeth, Kids!
Why brush your teeth? This is why!
Dirk Malet: Hell-Bent P.I.
A detective that doesn't play by the rules.
The Beatles in: The Bestles
What will it take to get back into The Beatles?
Eat Your Vitamins, Kids!
Just how important are vitamins to your health? You figure it out!
A Modern Marriage
A couple celebrates their first year of marriage.
This is Art
A famed artist debuts his latest work.
A Christmas Guide
Short filled with helpful tips to get you through Christmas.
Killer Whales Episode 5
Was this orca framed?
A Game of Numbers
What if the sports business was run like any other business?
Zombie Zealot
Would Jesus frown upon eating brains? One Zombie thinks so.
Del Red Tonight: Ep. 1
Del welcomes his special guest, the letter 'A'
Bearver & Mike: Ep. 3,730
Bearver celebrates the Christmas season with his own traditions.
Bearver & Mike: Ep. 3,018
Bearver confides in Mike about the development of a life-threatening addiction.
Killer Whales Episode 4
Killer Whales: Confessions Episode 4
Lazy Chef: Hot Chocolate
Nick teaches you how to make delicious hot chocolate.
"I Was a Teenage Refund"
The too-common story of bad parenting.
Triangle Tirade
Humpty Dumpty meets with his old friends Dish and Spoon.
Along Comes a Muffet
Humpty Dumpty finds out Little Miss Muffet has a handicap.
H. Dumpty: Coffee Comfort
Humpty Dumpty's favorite coffee shop closes for good.
"Eat Healthy, Kids!"
Get a clue as to how you can stop being a chunker!
Humpty Reads Facebook
Humpty Dumpty reads his friends Facebook statuses.
Happy Birthday by Humpty
Happy Birthday from Humpty Dumpty
"Milty the Snowman"
A magic hat brings a snowman to near-death.
The Dining Experience
A typical night in the restaurant kitchen.
The Jingle Dogs Reunion
The surviving members of the famed group reunite after over 50 years.
Chocolate Therapist Promo
Promotional animation for local chocolatier in Littleton, CO.
Bearver & Mike: Ep. 1,260
Bearver and Mike Episode 1,260: Now in 2D-HD!
Bearver & Mike: Ep. 2,306
Bearver and Mike: Episode 2,306 What's for Lunch?
Lord, Give Me Another!
Oh Lord, bring your wrath on me!
The Lazy Chef Episode 5
The Lazy Chef teaches you how to make a delicious and nutricious dessert.
Killer Whales: Ep. 3
A killer whale talks about his life as a failed criminal.
Method Overreacting
Humpty Dumpty auditions for a soap opera.
Lazy Chef Episode 4
Learn how to make a healthy and delicious breakfast in seconds!
Social Assassin
An assassin finds his social networking addiction to be affecting his career.
Killer Whales Ep. 2
Another incarcerated orca discusses his life as a 'killer whale'.
Killer Whales Confessions
Intimate interview with an incarcerated orca.
Crazy Yeti Electronics
Parody of the old Crazy Eddie commercials from the 80's. The twist? The pitchman's a yeti.
Bearver and Mike Ep. 17
Episode 17: Family Ties Bearver invites Mike to a family get-together.
Bearver and Mike Ep. 3
Bearver contemplates renewing his wedding vows.
Gritty's Family Buffet #2
Gritty introduces a line of Mexican cuisine to the restaurant. All 100% organic, of course
Bearver And Mike Ep. 2
Bearver is encouraged by his film-making offspring.
The Lazy Chef Episode 3
Learn how to make hot and delicious snacks without using an oven or fryer.
Kindergarten Kritic
Humpty Dumpty stops in to visit some delightful children.
Mrs. Claus Wants a Baby
Silly ol' Santa's wife wants a baby Claus. Will Santa pull off this Christmas miracle?
Kentucky Fried Memories
The poultry community recalls the rise of Colonel Sanders.
Let's Fix You Episode 2
Dr. Deel addresses money management, facial hair loss, and sibling rivalry.
Mulch Mouth
When your life consists of standing in one place, you have to make your own amusement.
The Lazy Chef Episode 2
Chef Nick Benut shares his magical recipe for re-microwaved beans.
The Lazy Chef Episode 1
Nick Benut teaches you how to cook a cheap and easy meal in a couple of minutes.
Let's Fix You Episode 1
World-renown psychiatrist Dr. Deel helps you cope with life by addressing all your issues.
Persistence Pays (Fixed)
A former cereal mascot keeps getting hounded for the product he used to promote.
The First and Last Date
Sometimes the online dating scene isn't rewarding.
Bring on the Pain!
A new waiter/former wrestler has a hard time letting go of his masochistic routine.
The Art or the Egg
Humpty Dumpty has repeatedly had a great fall; He's gonna do something to put a stop to it
Where's the Oppossum?
Hank Gritty and Wife dine at an upscale restaurant. Hilarity ensues.
Jim Panzee & Friends...
A day in a 1930's children's radio show. From an era with the highest of standards/morals
Explanation of what creates different kinds of shadows.
Created by The New Age Soldier