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Raziberry's Profile
Age / Gender: n/a, Male
Location: Toronto
Joined: 7/27/13

I make cartoons, mainly about art. But about other things too. I like to talk a lot.

TD-All I Want
After the breakup.
TD-Feel'd Trip
Let's take a class trip to the worst place ever.
Computers Class in College
TD-Comfort Kills
Let's get the heartache over with.
EmptyHero's Life Saving Load
A guest lecturer gives a talk on romance.
TD-Perfect As It Is
Back for another round of school...
TD-Christmas Break
When the semester ends, you can finally reflect.
School has its own words and they're dumb.
TD-Save The Date
Good things do happen.
Nuance matters, n shyiet.
TD-Mass Hysteria
Art school and religion aren't that different...
TD-Market Values
Painting in public and assessing your relationship.
TD-Shut The World Out
Music helps me create. Deal with it.
TD-The Punishment
When an outsider looks in...
Lecture classes are art, apparently.
TD-The Conceptual Process
Get taught how to flesh out ideas! (Not be me, of course.)
TD-I'm A Second Year
It's great when older students show you the ropes.
I look weird. So do you.
TD-Kids and Money
Kids are broke. Get off their backs.
What is Pico Day?
Pico Day is hard to explain, but watch us try anyway.
How do I tell you how I feel?
Parking is fucking bullshit.
TD-The Clique
Make friends. Be weird together.
TD-Break Down
Bad hip-hop to describe bad classes.
TD-The Network
Make friends. Talk to strangers. Approach attractive people. GET A LIFE.
TD-Brain Art
Welcome to college. Learn to think, idiot.
TD-The First Day
Meeting new people on the first day can be a real gamble.
TD-Past Is Prologue
The first day of school.
TD-Jet Generation
Practice makes perfect. Whining don't do shit.
TD-Skunk At Drool
Getting drunk: a beginner's guide.
TD-Where You're Going
Fighting the shame of our stations in life...
TD-Til All Are One
When schools screw up, students pay the price.
TD-Complete Submission
What to expect when you're expecting (an acceptance letter)
TD-The Portfolio
Judgement Day
TD-This Too Shall Pass
this one isn't funny
TD-One Shall Stand
Healthy competition is good. Or whatever.
TD-Cool To Hate
Hell is other students.
TD-Life Drawing
WTF is life drawing?
TD-Trim The Fat
Eye on the prize, learn to prioritize.
TD-Victory Lap
Get back on the horse.
TD-Days Go By
Feeling sorry for yourself doesn't get you anywhere...
TD-My Home Now
Life happens.
TD-Schedule Conflict
There isn't enough time!
TD-Cut Your Losses
Quitting isn't always failure.
TD-Chocolate Rebellion
Sometimes you just gotta cut class and eat pie.
TD-Begging for Change
Go to college and make some damn friends!
TD-Bare Basics
A brief overview of first-year art classes.
TD-Culture Shock
Your first time meeting new classmates can be great! Or…
Technical Dave-Art School
An ongoing telling of my life in art school.
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