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ShirukenNG's Profile
Age / Gender: 16, Male
Location: Best buds, blinkin lights
Joined: 1/30/16



Greetings, Newgrounds! This is an update news post on what I've been up to lately and what I'm looking foward to accomplishing in the future. 

To start off, I'd like to thank for 177 fans! I remember when I had 40 like if it was yesterday. I appreciate everyone of you. So with all you guys sticking around on my cartoons, I feel the need to talk about what I'm planning and working on right now. 

Why haven't I been posting cartoons I personally made like I used to? Well, I don't really wanna spit out cartoons weekly that I don't end up being happy with later, such as Poke La Mon and Hawk Moth's Spare Time. I've decided to take my time when creating something new.

Another reason for slight inactivity is that me and a group of artist/animator buddies started an animation group, Lovely Chumps. We have a lot of shenanigans to offer with this group, such as a fun little art collage, collabs, and something p big for Pico Day me and @mikelzng are working on together with the help of other Lovely Chumps fellows.




The final reason is that I have been and appeared in a lot of other projects for other people. I did 2 entries for The Mama Luigi Reanimate Collab. Everyone did such a cool job on it. If you haven't seen it (which would be fuckin' weird tbh) make sure to check it out!


And i was also part of another reanimate collab about Starbomb hosted by David Toons. ALSO check that out.


I' also helped out with lip syncing on RedAndrew's recent cartoon about the Emoji Movie, How epic.


Hopefully the end of this year or the beginning of next year, I end up releasing something good and improve myself as an artist and learn new things along the way. That's all folks!


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