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Furry Random Stuffs 3
Author Sonucais

Teh Tricky Techno!
Song Teh Tricky Techno!
Spinning Around the Casino
Other Spinning Around the Casino

:: Episode 4 is still pending to be released this year (2011). Don't be fooled by fake submissions!
:: EDIT: Front Page, it's nice to see I got it after all :3 Thanks also to the people who made posible this award and 'lol' at some reviews who says the last scene is child porn (rofl, Internet people... Also, I'm 'supposed' the Baby ParappaClock! xD). Read the text after the actual scene, please haha. yay!

Hey Newgrounds! Really long time I don't submit a good movie, so... Here is it! I decided to make Furry Random Stuffs 3!

It's a recompilation of the best clips I made (old ones & new ones, it doesn�t care) and some of them are just remakes from ones I did with a low frame rate or different sizes. Well you know, I submit one of theses every six months, so enjoy it.

About the Easter Eggs!? There are six ones! All them work, don't get mad if you can't find the Main Menu one, just because you don't have to use the mouse for it, got it? (Yeah, is the hardest one :P) You can check the scenes where are them placed at the Scene Select, these central squares you can see, it's like a hint.

Also, please, ignore the LOUD (yes, some of them are are really loud) TV effects because there's not reason ^^; I have been tring fix it and didn't work. The worse one of all them is the one when you push the arrows from the Scene Select... Oh my-... It plays also the Preloader song! Any bug more you'll find could be better to know, so I'll learn how to fix it or try actually fixing the Flash. Thanks.

Well, I have to go finishing that 'Author's comments'... Just please, vote the movie, review and visit my SheezyArt, there are all my new stuffs (updated).

Ok, see ya (the holydays just started) and enjoy.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I loved this! I thought it would just be about video games. Well, a lot of stuff on this website is about video games of course. I think my favorite was the Mario and Sonic one. I really thought it had the "Moskau" song. I just loved the variety.

I think I saw Nobita with the "Inspector Gadget" music. I just know a lot about anime. I loved the length too. There was surprisingly a lot of porn. I guess not enough to give this an A rating.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

what happened to furry random stuffs 4


Rated 1 / 5 stars

With each flash, it gets WAY worse in some scenes, but WAY better in some scenes.
I only like the second to last scene, and the flanders scene.
But the humor in most of these is just nonsense, and it's not really 'furry', except for a few scenes.
The last one was disgusting.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

hahahahh funny


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

parappa car rap one was kinda funny

Created by The New Age Soldier