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Court Ordered - Pilot
Author Tomorrows-Nobody


"Court Ordered" follows down-on-his-luck alcoholic Erik Myers, as he struggles to become sober and get his life back together.

This cartoon stars some of LA's best standup comedians!
Erik Myers, Sam Tripoli, Becky Robinson, Jay Davis, Stephanie Simbari, Craig Phillip Conant, and Erin Darling

In addition to the main cast, we have a lot of amazing guest stars too! Including: Theo Von, Pablo Francisco, Ian Edwards, Brad Williams, Jeff Dye, and Jamar Neighbors.

The pilot has original music by Rome, Andreas Ramirez, LD on The Cut, Luke Bakker, Know-Madik, and Major Tom. Recorded at Fre$h Goods Studio with the help of Kevin Brito and Major Tom.

Backgrounds were designed by the talented Charlie Carroll

Written by Erik Myers and Eric J. Freedman

Animated by Tony Celano

Produced by Eric J. Freedman, Erik Myers, and Tony Celano

We want to thank all of our Kickstarter backers, without them, this would've never happened! Thank you all for watching!

Will Erik get his life together? Let's find out!

Created by The New Age Soldier